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Was actually quite amazed to discover how little I did in March.

The highlight was unquestionably Bob Kingham's 40th birthday party, about which I remember little, which I am taking as a positive sign. A band of us got together and bought him a 19th century illustrated edition of "Pilgrim's Progress", the work that has provided the inspiration for his production of Align with Rich Cochrane. The theme of the party was to arrive as someone who had died before reaching their 40th birthday. There was an impressive Cleopatra and Jimi Hendrix; I had come as a barely recognisable Ian Curtis, largely because I had baulked at having a rope tied round my neck.

Series 2 of Sherlock had come to a jaw-dropping conclusion back in January, but its spirit lived on in this graffiti on the South Bank:

Sherlock graffitti

I had taken to getting train to Blackfriars in the morning and wandering along the South Bank to work - this graffiti is at a part of the National Theatre structure that has been taken over by da skaterz, and is a continual palimpsest of odd influences and UK ephemera that's intrinsically more interesting than any Banksyesque stuff.

B and I also took a trip to the real-life location of Sherlock's flat

Ideal Holmes

On the 26th, I had an amusing encounter leaving work - I was stopped by a tourist on Westminster Bridge.

"Where is Houses of Parliament?" he said.

I pointed behind me, "You've found it."

"And Big Ben?"

I pointed at ruddy great clock tower right next to us, "Right there!"

"Thank you."

Easiest parliamentary outreach session ever.

The media highlight of the month had to be Peter Serafinowicz's inspired and disarming creation of "the T-WOG$" - Terry Wogan reimagined as a pirate radio DJ, with a fusion of street patter and Wogan's own argot, all to a soundtrack of blistering beats. Why not have a little skank yourself?

March also introduced me to the fragile synth-rich beauty of Grimes' "Genesis":

And that's that.