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September 2012 - "I was saying Os-boo-rne"

Okay, so I'm still flogging this dead horse. I can't work out whether I'm a lot busier than I used to be, or lazier, or whether I simply can't write anymore. But I will see this through. I might get 2012 finished before 2013 is over.

My adventures in Los Angeles, mainly...Collapse )
Okay, so at the current rate I'll be lucky to get 2012 covered by the end of 2013. But I'm determined to do this thing.

What's more, this entry is going to be *massive*, so I'll do it behind a cut.

Olympics, friends, old Doctor Who episodes etc. etc.Collapse )
Man, this entry has been hard to write. I don't know why - July wasn't a particularly difficult month. It was pretty aces, all in all.

Boozes, Thatcher, the Torch etc.Collapse )

May 2012 - "What about the workers?"

May began as April ended, with a return trip to the the Cluny Bank Hotel, one of the finest hotels I've ever stayed in.

Scotland, Mayors and PresidentsCollapse )
Was actually quite amazed to discover how little I did in March.

A party, ideal Holmes and the T-WOG$Collapse )
So February, and I'm apparently leaving the house a bit more often. In January this had happened, and I was out at Pizza Express in early Feb when I heard a woman at the next table compare the Costa Concordia captain to Zapp Brannigan.

Oramics, design, booze, Brighton, Brick Lane, Q The 80s and other good stuffCollapse )